KCC's history

Kettering Christian Centre (KCC) was originally planted by the late David Campbell in the 1980's. He had a passionate zeal for the lost and with great vision acquired Timms, the one-time electrical warehouse in Pollard Street, opening in 1993.

After his diagnosis of a brain tumour in 1999, Brian & Heather Hannant (now leading Gateway Community Church in the south of the town) moved from Devon to look after the work for a short while.

Not long after Pastor David was promoted to glory. The leading of KCC church was handed over to a local man, by the name of Matthew Buckingham, who had been an assistant Pastor in Wellingborough Christian centre. Matt and his wife Julie set up many admirable projects in the town among young people, homeless and drug users. They moved on in 2007 and Sam Munangatire took over as the Church Pastor.

KCC has gone through a lot of spiritual challenges over the years but we are thankful to the Lord for His strength & comfort through it all.   It is the nature of God's work that at times you are up the mountain and at other times down the valley. KCC is very much anchored on prayer and the Word of God. We are seeing spiritual growth and a marked change in our members' lives. 


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