Community and Missions

Kettering Christian Centre believes in working & supporting people within its community and other Christian Mission Work we are currently connected to.

At present we financially support a missionary group called Christ for All Nations (CFAN). CFAN is a group led by Evangelists Reinhard Bonke & Daniel Kolenda. Both men and their team travel around the world  preaching the Gospel. Africa has had a better share of their ministry  & CFAN has brought millions of people to Christ. We feel very privileged and blessed to partner with such an organisation transforming people's lives with the Gospel message of Christ.

As our part of reaching out to the community within Kettering we host free tea and coffee mornings now and again at our Church Building. Our young people are also involved with our other community projects we do.

Amongst other things we do as stated above, Kettering Christian Centre also helps to alleviate burdens within the Church membership and the community at large. These may vary from monetary to material needs.



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